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Data Protection Directive

What kind of data will be stored?
The sytem can only be used to report serious issues such as Financial crime, serious breaches of occupational safety or environmental protection policy and pollution, physical violence, sexuell assaults etc.
If reports for less serious issues such as Dissatisfaction with salary, difficulties in collaboration and violation of smoking and alcohol policies are received, they will be immediately deleted form the computer system and the report will be closed.
The reports are registrated anonymiously in the system. Only the report itself is registered. No log entries are made for the IP address or the computer IP, from there the report is entered.
Correction of registered Information
If you notice, that you have entered incorrect or incomplete information, simply create a new report in the systems, where you refer to the previous report and specify what you want to change.
If you have created a secure mailbox when creating a report, you can make the corrections by logging into the system with the password you created and your case number.
Transmission of registered data
The data registered in the computer system will generally not be transferred to third parties outside the Organization. In the following circumstances, however, a transfer outside the Organization can take place:
  • Transmission to an external lawyer or auditor, related to the handling of the case in the report.
  • In the event the report leads to a legal proceeding.
  • In the event it is stipulated by law.
Your personal information (Name and Address)
Once you have entered your name and address, you must remember that your employer may use that personal information in a subsequent legal proceeding and investigations in this case.
Your employer guarantees, that your personal privacy rights will be fully respected and the data will only be used as described above.
Your employer will not share your information with third parties outside the organization, except in casess as described in "Transmission of registered Data".
Deletion of registered Data
The entered data may only be stored as long as required.