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Whistleblower system

Only together, we can enforce our GOLDBECK Compliance Guidelines.

Help us prevent breaches of our corporate values and law, in particular against white- collar crime, corruption and illegal employment. We focus on transparency and a loyal, ethical cooperation that allows free competition.

The Whistleblower System must not be used for false accusations or the purpose of knowingly false information.

In the event you would like to give a hint, personal conversation should be the first priority. The contact persons are the direct supervisor(s), the management board and the head of our legal department. Instead, if you prefer to submit your notice anonymiously, this Whistleblower System is available online. Nevertheless, we encourage you to include your name in the report Whistleblower System and assure confidentiality. In any case, you should create a secure mailbox (see below "Creating a mailbox"). This makes it easier and safer for us to communicate with you.

All reports are strictly confidential. The necessary information can be found in the menu under "Data Protection Directive".
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What should be reported?
Creating a mailbox
The Whistleblower System should report possible breaches of the GOLDBECK Compliance Guidelines. These include corruption, adverse effects on competition, embezzlement, theft, serious breaches of occupational safety or environmental protection policy, physical violence, sexuell assault and all other criminal acts.

For personal matters such as dissatisfaction with salary or supervisor, the Whistleblower Sytem is not available. These matters should be discussed with the supervisor or the managment board in a personal meeting. The works council is also a possible contact here.
We recommend that you do not submit your report anonymously. This allows us a communication and close investigation of the case. In the foregrounds stands for us the personal conversation.

If you nevertheless would like to point out your report anonymous, you must comply with the following points:
  • Avoid creating the report on a GOLDBECK computer.
  • To avoid traceability, do not use a computer that is part of the GOLDBECK network.
  • Access the Whistleblower System by directly entering the web adress goldbeck.whistleblowernetwork.net.
  • Do not include personal information in the report.
Regardless of wheter you remain anonymious or give your name, we ask you to create a mailbox. To do this, click on the corresponding field below "Create a report".  Background: Additional information may be required to clarify the facts, which are not yet included in your report. We can continue to communicate with a mailbox - also anonymiously.

When you create a mailbox, you will get a case number. In additon, you must choose a password. With this password and the case number you will in future have access to your mailbox and can examine appropriate existing communication.